We are excited to announce that our new parking systems are now live! The systems look to enhance our customers’ parking experience, ensuring a seamless visit to Market Place Shopping Centre.

We ask that you take a minute and familiarise yourself with the changes, detailed below.

Parking Enquiries:

For general enquiries about parking at Market Place, the Bank Park customer service team are available to support, and can be reached at either:

T | 0114 2509753

E |


Parking Tariff
Up to 1 hour£1.00
1-2 hours£1.50
2-3 hours£2.40
3-4 hours£5.00
4 hours & over£7.40

Please note that FREE parking is available on;


Important Information

Who do I contact if I have queries about parking at Market Place?

Bank Park are our new parking management agents. Their customer service team are available to support with any customer enquiries and can be contacted at 0114 2509753, or via email at

What has changed?

The parking facility at the shopping centre is now fully automated, which means you no longer have to pay and display a ticket on your dashboard and can just enjoy their visit to the centre.

As part of this update to our parking, we have installed the following systems as well:

Kindly note that we continue to accept cash payments as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay upon entry?

Yes, please ensure that you have made your payment upon arrival at either the payment terminals (cash and cashless) or on the Twinpay app through your phone.


Do I need to display my ticket?

No! Our systems are now completely automated, so there’s no need to display your ticket once you’ve completed your payment.


Do I need to display my Blue Badge?

Yes please. All Blue Badges must be on display whilst parking in a marked parking bay. However, these do not need to be scanned if you had already registered your badge at the Disabled Kiosk.


How can I register my Blue Badge to avail free parking?

Blue Badge holders are eligible for free parking whilst visiting the shopping centre. You can register your Blue Badge, as a one-off, on the Disabled Kiosk situated next to the payment terminals OR online at

Please note If you are registering through a computer (PC), you need to take a photograph of your badge beforehand and save it to the computer (PC). Once you have entered your details, you will be asked for an image of the badge, please click on this and upload the image saved on your computer (PC).

Alternatively, If you are using a smart phone, once you have entered your details, simply click on ‘take an image’ and this will immediately open your camera to allow you to upload a photograph of your Blue Badge.

Kindly note that the Blue Badge must be displayed following the first registration as well.


Where can I pay for my parking?

There are 4 easy to navigate Payment Terminals all housed at the entrance to the centre, three of which are cashless. Alternatively, you can also download the Twinpay App on your phone and make simple and easy payments through the app.


How do I pay for parking on the new machines?

The process is extremely simple! All you’ll need to do is:


What payment methods are accepted?

The following payment methods will be accepted on the new Twin Cashless Payment Terminals:

Customers can also use the Twinpay App on their phones to conveniently pay for their visit or visit the cash terminal at the entrance to the centre – only coins are accepted.


Can I get a receipt?

Of course! The Twin Cashless Payment Terminal provides customers with 2 options. The receipts can either be printed at the terminal itself, or customers may scan the QR displayed on the screen, which will then automatically send a receipt to your phone.


What happens if I stay in the centre after I’ve paid?

You can easily extend your visit by either visiting one of the payment terminals situated at the entrances to the centre, or conveniently from the Twinpay app on your phone!


How long do I have to leave the parking after making my payment?

The new systems offer customers a 15-minute grace period from the time of payment to exit the parking facility at the centre.


Do I need to pay if I’m on a motorcycle?

Yes, charges are applicable for all motor vehicles, unless registered to a Blue Badge.


Can I get a permit? If so, what is the process?

We don’t currently offer permits; however, this is something we will revisit at a later stage.


What is a PCN (Parking Charge Notice)?

Parking Charge Notices result following an infringement of the Terms & Conditions outlined in privately owned car parks. In this instance, the parking is operated by Bank Park.


When are PCNs issued?

Parking Charge Notices will be issued 4 days following the parking event.


How will I receive a PCN?

Parking Charge Notices will be issued to individuals through the post at the vehicle’s registered address with DVLA.


What is the process of appealing a PCN once received?

The appeal process is described on the rear of the Parking Charge, motorists may appeal through post, or by email to


How long do I have to pay the PCN once the first notice is received?

A 14-day period is provided to pay a reduced PCN charge of £60.00- if payment or an appeal is not received within this timeframe, the charge will revert back to the £100.00- fee. All charges are based on the National Rate. Upon response to an appeal, the reduced 14-day period will be upheld allowing the customer the same opportunity.


Who do I contact if I have queries about the PCN?

All PCNs carry an email address of, if the customers choose to appeal, they can do so through this email address. Customers can also visit the Bank Park website at